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Gestra Steam Trap BK 45

Update Terakhir
18 / 08 / 2020
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1 Unit


0823-3275-3178 | PT Maste Dayaa Energy Division merupakan Distributor Gestra Valve Terbaik di Surabaya Jakarta Indonesia. Cek Produk dan Katalog kami sekarang. Dapatkan Penawaran Harga Terbaik dari Produk Terlengkap kami melalui Sales & Marketing PT Maste Dayaa. Pesan sekarang juga! Konsultasikan secara Gratis.

Detail Gestra Steam Trap BK 45

These steam traps are insensitive to frost and water hammer, resistant to corrosion and require little maintenance.

Thermische Kondensatableiter BK 45

The traps regulate the flow of medium using a highly responsive Thermovit regulator. Specially shaped bimetallic plates arranged one above the other expand as the media temperature rises, moving the stage nozzle. The flow orifice closes. In the cold state, the regulator is fully open. That is why steam traps from the BK series boast an excellent start-up performance.

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